Why a privacy and integrity policy?
Since the 25th of May 2018 the new Data Protection Regulation GDPR applies in all of EU, which means that the protection of your data has been strengthened.

When contacting My Period Is Awesome or Wise Economy Global Association (hereafter “we”, “our”, “us”) you leave us certain data, like contact and payment information when you leave a donation for our work.  

Your data can, when necessary, be shared with other parties like our IT supplier, and can come to be used to inform about our activities with mail or email.

We never treat your personal data longer than allowed by law, and you can read below more about your rights according to law.

Why do we save your personal data?
When you donate to us or buy something in our shop you accept that we save your personal data (for example name, telephone number, email, address and payment information), and treat these for maximum of 36 months after your last gift or contact according to our lawfully righted interest to do so. When applying to our newsletter we save your name and email until we are notified by you to remove your data.

Information and donation inquiries sent by email
We will treat your given personal data to update you about our work, pending campaigns, our partners, and successes within the global menstrual equity movement. We will at certain occasions ask you for a donation to our work with washing away the shame of menstruation. Your data may be used to send you information or ask for donations via mail or email, and will be used as such until you object us contacting you for these reasons.

Can I correct my or delete my personal data?
You can, at anytime you chose, change or ask us to delete your personal data through contacting us at info@wiseeconomy.se.

Who can see your personal data?
We never sell your personal data onward to other parties. We leave your personal data when necessary to complete ordered missions to IT and system vendors, banks, payment services like PayPal, web and PR bureaus and print shops. When you sign a petition for advocacy work your personal data can be submitted to politicians and other organizations. The recipients of these petitions are responsible for your personal data.  

How do we protect your personal data?
We and our partners conduct constant work to update and secure firewalls and antivirus programs to protect your data from unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel access the spaces and systems where personal data is stored.

What rights do the users have?
According to current data protection policy you have the right to access information about what personal data we stored about you, and you have the right to change or delete that data.

Have further questions about the data protection policy?
Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available at info@wiseeconomy.se  for questions, editing or deleting of personal data.

This privacy and integrity policy was established by My Period Is Awesome and Wise Economy Global Association.