Closing summary of My Period is Awesome Namibia

Closing summary of My Period is Awesome Namibia

Women’s Action for Development in Namibia and Wise Economy Global Association in Sweden (WE) formed a cooperation on the dissemination of “My Period is Awesome (MPIA)” to Namibia in 2018. The cooperation addressed an important area, of how many young girls stay home from school several days per month due to lack of sanitary wear, when they are menstruating. 

Other problems are lack of knowledge on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for both girls and boys. The project focused on capacity building for project staff and ensuring that the information provided to the girls and boys bring about positive behavior in their lives. 


After the launch of the project on the 12th of September 2018, a two day training of trainers was conducted. It was attended by 15 recruited local trainers for the project and a representative from the Ministry of Health who participated in order to get a clear understanding of the content of the project presentations. It was presented by the team from the My Period is Awesome project in South Africa. The two organizations that participate in this project in South Africa include; Sonke Gender Justice and Project Dignity. 


The training in the schools was a success. The support from the principals and life skills teachers made it possible for the presence of training venues and participants from the schools during the workshops. 

The target schools for the project included;

  1. Goreagab Junior Secondary School

  2. Chairman Mao High School

  3. Mountain View High School

  4. A. Shipena High School

  5. Cosmos High School

The total number of girls that were trained was 499 out of the 600 target set for the project. 60 boys participated in the project out of a target of 100 boys. Menstrual cups were donated to the project by Organicup and a total number of 335 cups was therefore distributed to the girls who participated in the training.

The training was divided into two day sessions and was spread over a three week period. The topics presented were as follows;

  1. Puberty for both girls and boys

  2. Anatomy for Girls

  3. The Menstrual Cycle

  4. Pain & Symptoms

  5. What is the normal experience during menstruation?

  6. Anatomy for boys

  7. Personal Hygiene

  8. Feelings/ emotions during menstruation

  9. Sexual intercourse

  10. HIV/AIDS

  11. Women’s Rights

  12. Family Planning

  13. Violence & Abuse

  14. Gender roles

  15. Use of menstrual cups


The evaluation was conducted in May 2019 and we received positive feedback from the project participants. The principals and life skills teachers confirmed that there was positive behavior noted after the training and that the number of girls requesting for sanitary products from the school had reduced. We are happy that we received positive responses from the schools and also happy for the experience we got from implementing the project.

This project was funded by Forum Syd and Hjärtner & Partner.


Tatiana Sikwila

Project Manager My Period is Awesome Namibia

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