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Closing summary of My Period is Awesome Namibia

The evaluation was conducted in May 2019 and we received positive feedback from the project participants. The principals and life skills teachers confirmed that there was positive behavior noted after the training and that the number of girls requesting for sanitary products from the school had reduced. We are happy that we received positive responses from the schools and also happy for the experience we got from implementing the project.

A visit at the washable pads factory

Susan Barnes is the founder of Subz Pads and is one, out of two My Period is Awesome partners in South Africa. To date, Sue and her team has handed out over 120 000 packs of washable pads and panties countrywide and overseen talks at countless school. And there’s more to come. The challenge of reaching all South African girls in need is a daunting one, but ultimately the end goal.

#periodproofed - new project in Sweden

New project for My Period is Awesome Sweden! The campaign website for #periodproofed (#menssäkrad) launches today! The campaign culminates in September at the biggest cultural event in the Nordic countries – the Göteborg Book Fair. Our end goal: #periodproof the restrooms in all work places, schools, and public places in Sweden by 2022. 

WAD calls for zero VAT on sanitary products in Namibia!

Women’s Action for Development (WAD), our local partner in Namibia, has gained media attention in one of Namibia’s most popular newspapers: New Era. This after WAD’s graduation ceremony in Omaheke. Salatiel Shinedima, Executive Director at WAD, called for zero VAT on sanitary products, because some households spend a large amount of their income on these products and as a result have less money for school fees etc.

OrganiCup donates 1000 menstrual cups

The Danish company OrganiCup has donated 1000 menstrual cups to My Period Is Awesome Namibia. The menstrual cup is a menstrual hygiene product that is inserted in the vagina and collects the blood, in difference to the tampon that is absorbing. The cup can be used for years, and is therefore economical for the user. 

Information project in Sweden

The initiative will contribute to increased knowledge in Sweden about the importance of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and promote open debate and strengthen the commitment to a World where menstruation is not an obstacle. The project will also increase the understanding and respect for Wise Economy's local partners' work and expertise in the various My Period is Awesome projects.