The menstrual cycle: how does it work?

My Period Is Awesome teams up with a medical student to build a MENSYCLOPEDIA - a knowledge base about menstruation. It is our contribution to increase and spread knowledge about the stigmatized subject. Raquel Olofsson Falla, a medical student in Riga, Latvia, is our first guest blogger in this series. Raquel’s first post will be an introduction to the menstrual cycle. Keep an eye out for further posts in the menscyclopedia!

National Period Day

October 19, is the first-ever National Period Day in the US! Nadya Okamoto and the organization PERIOD initiated this day to raise awareness about period poverty and how the taxation on menstrual products affects menstruating people in the US.

Upcoming Workshop Week in Cape Town

It's time for another "MPIA Workshop Week" and this time the "My Period is Awesome" partners will meet in Cape Town, South Africa. Local partners are Project Dignity and Sonke Gender Justice. Our partners Wellbeing Foundation are flying in from Kampala, Uganda, to join.

#periodproofed - we enter with a BANG!

We are so proud to announce that My Period Is Awesome Sweden is going to make sure that all toilets at the Gothenburg Book Fair is #periodproofed! This means that there will be tampons (in three differens sizes), pads and a bin available on every toilet for the 80’000+ visitors! We will also paper the walls with posters and information about the campaign to inspire people to join the movement.

Ulf Lundquist - our volunteer photographer from Salesforce

Let us introduce Ulf Lundquist; the person who has taken many of the pictures we post both here on the blog and social media. Ulf is currently working at the software company Salesforce that has a fascinating volunteer policy. A policy that makes it possible for Ulf to donate money and work hours for Wise Economy and My Period is Awesome.

Menstruation and the global goals

Can we achieve total sustainability if we include menstruation in developing projects? Not really. But when we look at UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we see an opportunity to include menstruation in multiple development disciplines such as poverty, health, education and sanitation.

Meet Kim Windvogel at Gothenburg Book Fair

Kim Windvogel is a UN Fellowship Participant and one of the founders of the South African organization FEMMEPROJECTS. Kim is also one of our guests at the Gothenburg Book fair in September! Read the introduction about Kim below, and save the dates 26-29th of September when you are able to meet Kim in our stand at Gothenburg Book fair.

We love Tomorro'

Tomorro’ Agency have been with us bro bono since 2017 and they are the geniuses behind our My Period is Awesome logo, profile and tagline. They are also one of the special partners of our Swedish project #periodproofed where they helped us with the graphic profile, illustration and the website.