WAD calls for zero VAT on sanitary products in Namibia!

Women’s Action for Development (WAD), our local partner in Namibia, has gained media attention in one of Namibia’s most popular newspapers: New Era. This after WAD’s graduation ceremony in Omaheke. Salatiel Shinedima, Executive Director at WAD, called for zero VAT on sanitary products, because some households spend a large amount of their income on these products and as a result have less money for school fees etc.

OrganiCup donates 1000 menstrual cups

The Danish company OrganiCup has donated 1000 menstrual cups to My Period Is Awesome Namibia. The menstrual cup is a menstrual hygiene product that is inserted in the vagina and collects the blood, in difference to the tampon that is absorbing. The cup can be used for years, and is therefore economical for the user. 

Interview with our MFS student Louise!

Hi Louise! Tell us, where are you?

I’m in Windhoek, in Namibia!

What are you doing there?

I’m doing a field study for my Master’s thesis in Global Health about how boys are included in education about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), with focus on the education on menstruation.

The intern has started!

My name is Hanna Hellström and I am this semester’s intern at Wise Economy - My Period Is Awesome. It is going to be super exciting to be here and help out with the projects, and  everything I am going to know after this semester!